Messi 10/10

So what a weekend I had in gorgeous Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Firstly, it all came about purely through chance! On Monday 5th October Adidas revealed the Messi 10/10 boot and as always everyone got excited by a new limited edition. Facebook, Twitter and IG were all full of pics of the new boot and of course everyone was wanting to get a pair……… then came the news……… only available at the Adidas Shop in Barcelona!!!!!! My initial reaction was who the hell do I know in Barcelona and at the time I was thinking no-one. So a few people were contemplating going to Barcelona and I was all for I but needed to know the answer to one question. My concern was that id get there and then Adidas would have already reserved 30 pairs for competition winners leaving fewer pairs for the public etc… A few tweets later and Adidas Football confirmed this wasn’t the case and all boots were for sale. A quick chat with Chris kemp and it was decided that we would just go for it. A few other collectors were interested in going and it would have been great to have met up with them but none could make it in the end.


So Tuesday 6th October, I booked my flights and also applied for an exit visa from Qatar as my company have to give me permission to leave the country. It was all booked to fly with Emirates to Barcelona landing at 1.50pm on the Friday. My basic thinking was camp outside the shop standing in the queue and hope I got a pair. If I turned up and 200 people were queueing already then myself and Chris would have a great night out in Barcelona. 

So we get to Thursday and I leave my house in Dukhan on the west coast of Qatar at 00.30 to make my way to the airport. Its roughly and hour and half drive and I have to check in 3 hours early for the flight. My flight took off from Doha at 3.45am and landed in Dubai and hour later then 2 hours of waiting before jumping on board a flight to Barcelona. As I landed it was great to see Chris at the airport. He didn’t look his usual spritely self and it soon became apparent that just maybe his works night out had taken its toll on him a little more than he originally thought. Anyway great to see a fellow collector again and we jumped in a taxi and made our way to the Adidas Performance shop in the centre of Barcelona.


As we arrived you could see a few people hanging around outside the shop but definitely not a queue being formed.  The shop window was emblazoned with information about the boots being releleased and were very proud of the fact that the shop was the only place in the world to pick up the remaining 89 pairs. Just inside the front door was a massive Messi display with some match worn boots and also on display were his Balon D’Or trophies. After a quick look around the shop it was time to try and find out the process to buy the boots and this was where things got interesting. The ‘official’ word was ‘there is a list being kept by the people outside the shop. Its not an official list but it’s a list and that has nothing to do with Adidas but we must be on their to get a place in the queue’. Rather bewildered by this we left the shop and went to chat to the group hanging around outside. At this point its worth noting that Chris and I have an extremely poor grasp of the Spanish language. On my part that’s extremely poor as after living in Tenerife for 5 years I really should know a lot more than I do but anyway fortunately for us a few of the guys spoke a some English and they explained the rules of the list.


Chris and I were added to the list in 60th and 61st place. First of all we were delighted that it seemed we were in the top 89 which meant we should get a pair. We were told that at 3pm their would be a roll call and everyone who was on the list had to be there. 3pm came and the others on the list appeared. After this we were told to come back at 9pm and again for another role call. Chris and I went to the nearest decathlon store to buy some camping chairs and then made our way back to the Adidas store. 


It was at this point I started to realise that we had so so long to wait. It was about 4pm when we got back to the shop and yet we had to wait until 10am the next morning before the shop opened. With this, we decided it was time to get a bite to eat and fortunately directly across the road from Adidas was a nice bar/restaurant. At 6pm I was lucky enough to meet up with someone I hadn’t seen in over 9 years. A student, Chiraag, I taught when I was a teacher in Tenerife now works in Barcelona (I found this out after my flight was booked) and he came along to the restaurant and was also in the queue for the Messi 10/10 boots. A huge help to us as he was fluent at Spanish which was going to make our time in Barcelona a little easier. We spent the rest of the day until the 9pm roll call in the restaurant as it was a beautiful sunny day and the outside terrace area was lovely. 


The restaurant closed at approximately midnight so we headed back over the road to join the few people outside the Adidas shop. I kept telling myself only 10 hours to go and at this point I was feeling quite positive about everything. Id say that by the time it got to 3am I was beginning to struggle. The next roll call was at 3am and a few people made it back at this time but many seemed to send one person to represent a group of people. With that done it was back to just waiting around again.  People were sleeping, I was so cold, I had left temperatures of high 30 degrees centigrade to come to Barcelona and although it was still ‘warm’ I could really feel the change in the temperature I had come from. 

So the sun comes up on another beautiful day in Barcelona and gradually more and more people started to arrive. We had a roll call at 7am, 8am and then finally at 9am and everyone had to start queuing up at this time. I felt a little sorry for a guy who turned up at around 9am and just stood next to the shop door obviously thinking he was first in line and his face dropped when he found out about the list. He ended up way at the back of the line……

I must say the staff from Adidas were excellent, the brought out drinks and some croissants etc for people in the queue and it was a really nice touch from them. They went through the list made sure everyone was in the correct order and handed out small Messi postcards and this meant you were going to get a pair of the boots. I think at this time I finally thought brilliant its going to happen.


It took approximately an hour from the shop opening to me actually getting a pair. Chris had managed to swap places with someone in the queue as his flight back to the UK was leaving in around 2 hours time so he left and finally I got my hands on a pair of the boots. I did feel lucky that upon entering the shop one of the managers chatted to me and couldn’t believe that I had travelled from Qatar of get a pair of the boots. In all fairness I had met people from Paris and Nottingham too so people obviously saw the benefit in travelling for such an event.

I’m sure by now you have seen many pictures of the boots and they are amazing. The only disappointment is the Messi himself never wore the boots on the pitch as at the time of them being released he was injured. Lots of rumours were spread saying Messi was going to be at the shop but these never materialised.


After getting the boots it was back to the airport as I was due to leave Barcelona at 4.00pm to make it back to Dubai before finally boarding my flight back to Qatar. I arrived back in Qatar at 2.30am, drove back to my house at 4am and had 1 hours sleep before going to work on the Sunday morning. I felt great at work all day but got to be honest at around 4pm I crashed out for the whole night.

So would I do it again………. Darn right I would, it was a great experience, I met a lot of new people who I am lucky enough to still be in touch with in Instagram and the end result of finally getting the boots actually made the whole trip worthwhile. So what next… well 10/10 this year falls on a Monday so I have no chance of getting them but hopefully a few of the contacts I made in Barcelona will make it a least a little easier to get them.

People I met and worth following on IG

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And if I have missed anyone out then im sorry and I will update if you drop me a message.

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