Nike Mercurial Superfly CR SE FG (324K Gold)


Firstly, I should point out that I do know that most people have been showing these since around Monday of this week. The reason I have waited so long is that I prefer to post an opinion when I finally have the boots in my hand and they arrived in Qatar today and I am delighted to be able to share some more pictures with you now.





Inspired by the Mercurial Vapor 3 of a very similar colour way Nike produced this boot as a way to commemorate Ronaldo breaking more and more records. Cristiano Ronaldo broke the Real Madrid all time goal scoring record in 2015 and Nike wanted to release a boot worthy of this amazing achievement. Ronaldo wore these way back in October but fans were told they would have to wait a few months to get their hands on them.


The boots themselves come in a very similar box to the 2015 Rare Gold Superfly release when Ronaldo won the Balon D’Or way back in January 2015. The box looks extremely good and it’s always nice to see companies take care with Special Editions.


Tech wise the boots are identical to a standard Superfly but Nike has added a few special aesthetic features to make the stand out on the pitch. Firstly, the large Nike swoosh uses a similar effect to that which we saw on the first Ronaldo Superfly the Gala Glimmer boot. The swoosh is black with a stunning glistening effect.





Secondly, CR7 has been added to the heel of each boot and not simply put on the side like we have seen on the other CR7 Superfly releases. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Nike add the Ronaldo figure which the great man himself has on the back of one of his boots but I am sure they have their reasons for not doing so.




Sometimes on Special Editions it’s the small details that make a huge difference and the addition of the CR7 to the end of the laces really does set a tone of quality in all areas.





The gold effect on the side of the boot pays homage to the old Nike Mercurial Vapor 3 boots and again Nike have recreated this extremely well on the boot.





As with all Superfly boots, the sole plate is carbon fibre and it still amazes me how good it looks on each pair that I add to my collection.






So I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of the boots and appreciate them for what they are. As yet no one actually knows how many were available world wide. In Europe it took over an hour for them to sell out whereas across the pond in the USA they sold out in seconds. Many of the pairs bought can be found on eBay already with varying prices and I think this is due to the uncertainty around the number of pair actually made.




So now we wait for the 1st March for the CR7 QUINHENTOS boot, which again uses a classic colour way from years gone by. Let me know what you think of the latest CR7 boot in the comments page below. Thanks for reading and keep checking back here for more boot reviews and updates on my collection.............



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