Nike Tiempo Legend VII Black Platinum


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of the very exclusive Nike Tiempo VII Black Platinum football boots. The Black Platinum boot was given to various football boot outlets, who were asked to pass them on to testers who would review the latest boot. This was Nike Football’s prelaunch method for getting everyone talking about the boots, which in hand created a lot of hype about the upcoming colourway launch. This sent collectors into a frenzy as it soon became known that only 100 pairs of these numbered boots were available. I was fortunate enough to get hold of pair number 96/100, which came in a UK 11.



Whilst we have previously seen camo boots from other brands, as well as various sample boots that companies send out to testers, Nike got it spot on with their limited numbered editions. I’m not really a person who goes after prototype boots, or even samples, but when you know a boot is numbered from Nike you also know it’s going to be a little special. Also, having a pair brand new in box is unusual as most of these went to people who actually did wear them, so I would hazard a guess that there are less than 50 in the world still in new condition.

Anyway, the boot itself is remarkable. For old school players and collectors the colouring is exactly right: black on black is always an amazing combination. Some people don’t like it, however in recent months we have seen companies going back to the roots of football boots, with the all-black boot coming back into fashion. On a classic boot such as the Tiempo, the simple colourway sends a strong statement. Many boots are aimed at certain positions on the pitch, but the Tiempo would reward any player with its premium feel.

Most of the hype surrounded the introduction of Flyknit on the upper. The Tiempo has traditionally been an all leather boot, but this use of Flyknit has many people excited about what Nike could do to modernise the boot and make it even more comfortable than earlier models. The Flyknit creates a boot that suits many different foot types, as the tongue can easily stretch, whilst the Flywire simultaneously provides a midfoot lockdown creating a very stable boot. Also aiding an enhanced fit, Nike have employed Fitmesh below the leather forefoot to reduce overstretch of the leather.



The main part of the upper is, of course, a premium, seamless K-Leather to enable ultimate ball control. Looking at the forefoot, you can see that it is not a flat surface. This is because Nike have added a foam skeleton beneath the leather to also allow for a better touch. The advanced combination of K-Leather and foam really does offer something different to the other Nike boots currently on the market.      


As for the sole plate, Nike have presented a new ‘Hyperstability’ design, claimed to be lightweight and very responsive. The conical studs located in the forefoot allow for quick changes in direction and multi-directional traction, whilst at the heel Nike have placed 4 ‘Blade’ like studs to prevent lateral movement and, in turn, offer increased support. On this particular boot Nike have finished the sole plate with a stunning black platinum design that is simply stunning.


Overall I am very impressed with the Nike Tiempo Legend VII Black Platinum Boots. Changing a boot with a cult following has the potential to be extremely challenging, yet I believe that many will feel Nike got this boot spot on. Such is the demand, Nike have already released a black out Academy pack, enabling people who couldn’t get their hands on the limited version to acquire the same look.

What’s next for the Tiempo Legend VII? The simple design frame allows many people to have a black forefoot in a premium K-Leather and then they can choose their teams colours for the flyknit area of the boot, which will always be a winner. For this reason I would love to see it added to the Nike iD catalogue, especially as some of the concepts that can be found on social media look fantastic and, I am sure, would be very popular indeed.

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