Puma X Hublot Special Edition Falcao Evospeed




Around March of last year I woke up to a message from a company in the USA asking me for some advice on the price of a pair of boots they were looking to sell for someone. This actually isn't that unusual as I get quite a lot of people sending me messages on Instagram asking for advice on this topic. I said I'd be glad to help and could they please send me a pic of what they were trying to sell! I couldn't believe it when they sent the pic of the Puma X Hublot Special Edition Falcao Evospeed ! This was a boot that I honestly thought I would never be able to get into my collection.




For those of you that don't know the story behind these boots, Puma released 60 pairs in the black/titanium combination and then 40 pairs of the black/gold combination. Now 60 pairs may seem like people could get their hands on them however, Puma through a twist into being able to get them. To purchase the pair I have through normal outlets, you had to purchase a Hublot watch at around the £12,000 price mark and these boots were part of the package. The black/gold pair were given when you paid £32,000 for a different Hublot watch.


I was extremely lucky to have been put in the position of being able to thrash out a deal that left both parties happy and the boots were sent to me express post. I think it's hard to explain just how excited I was to get these as to this point I don't actually know another collector that has these in their collection. Now I know someone out there obviously has them but as yet I haven't come across them.


The quality of this boot is simply outstanding! The colour way is really one of the best Puma have ever made. It's really quite surprising that Puma have never released something close to this as a release that the public can buy as most people seem to love what they have done here.





On the insole Puma of the boot, Puma have stitched in an amazing looking tag and this has the number of your limited edition pair. My pair is number 53/60 and it's a always nice to see a numbered boot in a limited edition boot.




As well as the tag inside Puma have also added a stunning red material to the interior of the boot that has the Puma logo emblazoned all through it. This red lining again adds a touch of class to the boot. The leather on the inside of the boot is also the same as used by Hublot to make their very expensive watch straps. Every little detail of this boot is keeping to the Hublot brand of pure luxury.


The sole plate of the boot has a fantastic signature by Falcao on it as well as the Hublot name and logo again. Apart from this its very much a standard Evospeed sole plate. The grey and red colour way fits in so well with the rest of the boot.




The famous H logo that represents the Hublot brand is on the heel of the boot in the titanium colour way which shines brightly against the black base colour way.




Another nice touch comes at the end of the laces where Puma added Hublot to the aglet.





As you can see from the pictures the black and titanium colours are a perfect contrast and make the boot really stand out. Now obviously we will never see a pair of these boots on the playing surfaces on a Sunday morning. I would hazard a guess that all of the other 99 pairs are safe in the houses of people that can afford the watch and they will be tucked away in the presentation box they came in. Nonetheless you have to admire Puma's ability to collaborate with one of the biggest watch brands in the world on such a unique partnership.





I am still on the look out for the black/gold colour way and I am very doubtful that it will ever happen but you never know. I live in hope that one day someone will message me asking for help to sell the black/gold version but until that day I am more than happy with the slightly 'cheaper' version in my collection!


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