Robin Van Persie Match Worn F50 Adizero Football Boots



I love looking at the boot spotting posts certain companies do occasionally to see what professionals are wearing. Often they are simply the standard boot in the latest colour way but every so often a real gem appears. Over the years we have seen Totti add a tongue to the Tiempo 5, Pogba wear some amazing unique boots but one of my all time favorites came in September 2013 when Robin Van Persie (RVP) designed his own unique pair of boots and wore them against Chelsea at Old Trafford.




RVP as we all know has been a huge fan of the Predator silo and in particular loved the Adipowers boots. In his first season at Manchester United, RVP was the clubs top goal scorer, including an amazing volley v Aston Villa to clinch the title. During that season he wore the Slime Green coloured Adipowers. It was reported that RVP tried the new Predator LZ boot but apparently didn't like the boot and in particular the sole plate. I am guessing that Adidas were keen to get RVP out of the older Adipower boot and get him into one of the newer boots and so they decided to customise a pair of F50 Adizero to suit his needs.










When the next Premiership season started we all saw RVP wearing the latest F50 Adizero but with a custom sole plate. His sole plate of choice was the same as he had become accustom to on the Adipowers. You can clearly see on the sole plate that is says Predator.




Then towards the end of August in 2013 Adidas released a new boot to RVP which he had designed himself. RVP had changed from the synthetic to a leather upper. On the upper we can see the Netherlands flag and his initials and number on the side.



The Adidas stripes on the boot are also 'painted' on instead of like the standard leather release where they are more like a rubber texture.


On the heel of each boot, again, we see an RVP 20 logo.



 It is also worth noting the amount of stitching that can be seen around the mid-foot area. I can only guess that this was to give RVP a little more support in this area compared to the standard leather edition of the F50 Adizero boot.



The aesthetic look of the boot is also improved by a glitter effect on the heel area between the black and blue stripes. It's very hard to show this in pictures but when you look closely at the boot it's easy to see.




The boots also have the size tag inside the boots showing that they are made in Germany by Athlete Services and show the sizes to be an 8.75 on the left foot and a 9 for the right foot.




I have been tracking these boots for quite sometime and now feel very very lucky to have them in my collection. They have travelled from Manchester to Thailand, then to California before finally being sent to me here in Qatar. A huge thank you to @boot_nerd for doing a deal with me for the boots.



It has been a while since I last wrote an article for the website but up soon will be my review of one of the greatest boots of all time, the Adidas Predator Mania....... Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this piece.

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